How does PIWIS III diagnose Panamera 971

How does PIWIS III V38.400.400 diagnose Panamera 971 (after 2017)?

PIWIS III V38.400.000 is tested good for Porsche 2012 – 2019 year, to diagnose, program, code and program keys. At the last paragraph, 

using PIWIS III V38.400.000 to diagnose Panamera 971 after 2017, nice features are it comes with engineering software and wiring diagram.

Steps here:
Enter Porsche Piwis III V38.400.000 function menu: Incl. diagnostics, applications, tools and system.

Start to “Diagnostics”, select “Manual model line selection”.

Porsche Piwis III is compatible with Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera (971 & 970), Macan, 918 Spyder etc.

Select Panamera 971 (after 2017)

PS: I find Piwis III combines the programming and coding menu in one menu.

Select Control unit.

Select “Gateway” and continue.

1) Extended identifications

2) Fault memory

3) Data stream

4). Coding and programming.

5). Maintenance repairs

Enter the PIWIS III V38.050.030 Engineer software.

Click on “System”, then ” Diagnostics configuration for 991,981, 918, 970, Cayenne from MY11, Macan”

1) Version information

2) Mode option

3) Select “E” for the engineering version.

PIWIS III V38.050.030 is nice with wiring diagram

Click on “Applications” then “Wiring diagram”.


Choose the Porsche model that you want to know the wiring diagram.


For the Model after 2017, I need Porsche PIWIS Tester III

I can use the mouse to move the wiring diagram as I like.

PIWIS III V38.050.030 Team viewer